Working @ WDC

Here at Whangarei District Council we are charged with providing local government services to around 98,300 people in the Whangārei District, managing $1.5bn of community, waste, water and transport assets, as well as land use in the District, which stretches from Langs Beach in the south to Bland Bay in the north. We’re proud to support the infrastructure of our growing city - we reckon our amazing district has everything you need to create your best life… choose to live rurally, on the coast or in the city! All you need to bring is your energy, your culture, your skills and experience, your dreams… and make it happen!

We’ve worked hard over the past few years to develop an organisational culture deeply rooted in our tikanga / values.

Developed by a team of our people from right across Council our tikanga reflects not only what we do but how we do it. The following four practices started off as something to aspire to but quickly began to reflect the reality of working for our organisation

Our Tikanga


(fostering relationships and a sense of connection)

  • We build on relationships established through shared experiences and working together.
  • We get to know each other and take time to greet each other.
  • We create opportunities to build relationships and share knowledge with a diverse range of people.
  • We value the people around us and their unique contribution to the organisation.


(showing respect and care for others, hospitality, kindness and support)

  • By showing manaaki we lift the mana (prestige) of all involved.
  • We are part of the community and care about outcomes for external and internal customers.
  • Our interactions with customers will respect and support their needs.


(unity, solidarity, togetherness and collective action)

  • We have one shared direction and we all work together towards achieving it.
  • We will stop doing anything that strays us from the agreed path to success.
  • Our processes lead us to unified outcomes for our customers.
  • We speak as one voice.


(protection, stewardship, trust and a responsibility for long term outcomes)

  • We deliver our responsibilities in the management and sustainability of our District in a trustworthy way.
  • We collaborate and establish partnerships that enhance our role in the social, environmental, economic and cultural wellbeing of our communities.

These aren’t just words to us, we live and breathe our tikanga, using them to inform all of our decisions and interactions not just with each other but out into the community as well.

In addition we pride ourselves on high standards and best practice with a work environment that reflects our community - genuinely friendly and down-to-earth. Around here, people say hi in the corridors, and on the street. We’re about working smarter, not harder to create a flexible work environment that allows our people the opportunity take advantage of everything our district has to offer.

Benefits to Boot

As well as living in an amazing part of the world, we tick a lot of boxes when it comes to looking after our people. We reward good performance, encourage continuous improvement, and treat everyone with respect - celebrating diversity, honouring the Te Tiriti and practising Manaakitanga in everything we do.

On top of that our people enjoy continuous learning and development opportunities, a range of flexible working options, health insurance, life insurance and paid professional memberships.

And if you’re new to the district why not take advantage of our social club? It’s a great way to get to know the wider WDC team when you arrive in Whangārei. Enjoy bar nights, team breakfasts, children's Christmas parties, community events and local excursions while you get to know your colleagues and their families, away from the office. This is an awesome way to fast-track finding your place - and your people - in Whangārei!

If this sounds like it could be your place and your people, welcome! We’re one big team, one happy whānau. Join the us today and create your best life here in Whangārei.

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